Collections and Defense

Whether you have questions or need assistance relating to debt collection or defense, Mr. Watson is available to assist you with debt related issues.  We serve clients with litigation and post-judgment collection matters, including post-judgment discovery and garnishments. 


Construction Law

Florida law provides a lien in favor of general contractors, subcontractors, sub-subcontractors, laborers, material suppliers, architects, landscape architects, interior designers, engineers, surveyors and mappers when those parties are not paid for work on a project.  Although the lien is provided by statute, most of the time there are certain time sensitive steps that need to be taken in order to be able to foreclose on that lien.  There also is only a one-year statute of limitations on a recorded construction lien, so it’s important to act fast to protect this extraordinary remedy.  Mr. Watson is available to counsel you on your rights with respect to construction liens whether you are seeking to enforce a lien or have questions about a lien notice that has been served on you.



Florida law requires certain contracts to be expressed in writing.  Though not advisable, oral contracts are enforceable contracts in many instances, however, certain contracts are required to be in writing and are considered unenforceable contracts if they are not in writing.  Don’t leave a handshake deal to chance, and never sign anything that you have trouble understanding.  No unanswered question is worth harming your ability to enforce your rights in the future.  Our attorney has experience dealing with contract negotiation, contract drafting, contract review, contract enforcement and contract litigation. 


Corporate Law

Regardless of the size of your business, it’s always a good idea to protect yourself and your assets.  We’ll gladly assist you with forming corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies and professional associations.  We also offer assistance with drafting corporate purchase and sale agreements.



Whether you need a quit claim deed, warranty deed or a corrective deed, we are happy to assist you with preparation and recording.


Family Law

            Divorce - If you have worked out all of the major issues relating to your divorce, then let us assist you with preparing and filing all of the required settlement documents.  Even when you are in agreement, it’s important to make sure that all issues are fully addressed in your marital settlement agreement to avoid future disagreements about clarity and issues that weren’t addressed in the marital settlement agreement.  If you haven’t worked out all of major issues relating to your divorce, then let us assist you with resolving or litigating those issues.  We are also available to work with you on post-dissolution matters including enforcement and modifications.

            Paternity - If you and your former significant other had a child together and never had an order establishing paternity and custody rights entered, then you need to take action to protect yourself.  Child support obligations begin on the date of separation, and liability for unpaid child support can extend up to two years.  Although these types of matters don’t involve marital property distribution, they still involve complex issues relating to timesharing with children and child support.  If you have resolved child support and/or timesharing issues with your former significant other, we can help you prepare documents relating to paternity, timesharing and child support to help you take comfort in knowing that you have an enforceable agreement, as well as an understanding of all issues that should be addressed in such an agreement.  If there are unresolved issues relating to timesharing and child support, let us help you resolve or litigate those issues.  We also provide representation in matters relating to Department of Revenue enforcement actions.


General Civil Law

Mr. Watson represents clients in a broad range of general civil legal matters. 



Florida law is very specific as to the procedures that must be followed in order for landlords and tenants to properly protect and perfect their rights under the lease and Florida law.  Our attorney has represented landlords and tenants locally and throughout the state of Florida, and is available to work with you on commercial and residential lease issues.  We are happy to assist you with lease drafting and review; security deposit notices; and pre-suit notices, including 3 day notices, 7 day notices to cure, 7 day notices without opportunity to cure, as well as notices to landlords.


Real Property

Real property includes a wide range of transactional and litigation issues.  Our attorney is happy to assist you with matters relating to easements, deeds, quiet title and title marketability, real estate contract review, landlord-tenant, partition, foreclosure, homeowners’ associations, condominium associations and similar matters. 



Mr. Watson can assist you with wills, living wills, health care surrogate designations, preneed guardian nominations, powers of attorney and related estate planning documents.